Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pocket Prayer Pro

For those who are looking for Pocket Prayer Pro Guideline, please click the following link.

Latest updates
Great news! We have added the ability to add/modify/delete the sample prayers! This is the most requested feature and we believe this update will bring you even closer to God. Not only that, you are able to add/modify/delete the categories of the sample prayers. So what are you waiting? Download them now!

Note: After you have made an update from iTunes, remember to force quit the app first if you are using iOS4 which supports multitasking where app is running in the background.

Pocket Prayer Pro is a fully featured prayer request manager that is integrated with over hundreds of sample prayers to guide your daily devotional with God. Too many prayer requests but not able to manage them properly? Missed out some important prayers? Pocket Prayer Pro is here to help you to put them in place.

I am listening to your requests, so please drop by and let me know what improvements you want to see in this app in order to serve you better!

My concentrations now is on iPhone and iPod user. So, for those who wish that Pocket Prayer Pro to be build into iPad or even Android, do pass the good news to your friends in Church. This is because, the higher the demand of people using Pocket Prayer Pro, the possibility of iPad version or other platforms version are higher! ;)

Always remember me in prayers, that I will continue to improve this app and may God grant me vision and direction of this app all the time. Thanks a lot.

Let's pray! May God bless you all, prayer warriors!